WRDN Game of the Month: June 2011

Angel City vs. Silicon Valley

Angel City vs. Silicon Valley

Even though the biggest game in June is the highly-anticipated rematch between (2) Oly and (1) Rocky Mountain, it’s not the most important game of the month.  Since both teams are going to regionals later this year, there’s nothing of significance on the line in that match-up.  Instead, the most significant game of the month—another rematch—has a spot in the playoffs on the line.

In the WFTDA west region, Angel City is ranked #W10, and Silicon Valley is ranked #W11. The top ten teams will be invited to the regional tournament in September, which means Silicon Valley is currently on the outside looking in. To make matters worse, they recently lost to L.A. at Dust Devil, 143-118.  Not only are the ladies of SVRG behind in the rankings, they’re also behind in the season standings.

The girls from San Jose may be on the ropes, but don’t count them out just yet. The game from Dust Devil two months ago was more evenly matched than the score would indicate. Silicon Valley was also without the services of veteran jammer Pia Mess, so the team that lost didn’t have a full roster. This month’s rematch is a home game for Silicon Valley, so the crowd could also play a factor. If Silicon Valley can win big at home, there’s every chance they can overcome their loss earlier in the rankings period and make it into the regional playoff tournament.

On the other hand, Angel City controls their own destiny.  With a win, they will punch their ticket to Portland, OR for west regionals in September.  Even a close loss should still have them come out ahead of Silicon Valley on aggregate.

However, Angel City has one more game to play after their tilt in San Jose, a home game against #W18 Central Coast.  Should SVRG comfortably beat ACDG, the Scarlets will be under pressure to win big against a weaker opponent.  An Angel City loss coupled with a relatively weak showing against Central Coast will more than likely send the Dot.Kamikazes to regionals in their place.

The WFTDA tournament season may not officially start until September, but for all intents and purposes, the playoffs start this month between Angel City and Silicon Valley. The game will take place on June 11 at 8 p.m. PT, at San Jose Skate in San Jose, CA.


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  1. Thanks for this article! This game was SO important to us, and we’re so proud of our girls pulling out a SOLID win against SVRG 187-81. SVRG were wonderful hosts! See you in Portland!


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