Derby Notes: June 2011

News at a Glance

WFTDA Expands Staff – WFTDA has announced an expansion of its paid staff. Janis Kelley, who has previously worked with the Minnesota Rollergirls, has been named WFTDA Tournament Director. In a full-time position, Kelley will help the WFTDA create a “growth-oriented, centralized model” for the year-ending The Big Five tournament season, as well as explore the possibility of adding more tournaments and events throughout the rest of the year.

WFTDA has also created and filled two additional positions. Sarah Hipel has been named Referee Training and Certification Coordinator, and Niki Gallo Hammond as Membership Data Manager. Hipel will be responsible for evaluating referees and making the training/certification process more efficient. Hammond will assist with analyzing and accessing demographic data about modern roller derby. Both will work with the WFTDA on a part-time basis.

ROOT Sports Televises WFTDA Game – In a major coup for modern roller derby, ROOT Sports Northwest, the regional sports network formerly owned by FOX Sports, has broadcast a roller derby game between Bay Area and Rat City to televisions across the pacific northwest. The April 16 game, which was recorded and later broadcast on May 14 and May 26, featured a professional production crew, high definition cameras, and Dumptruck on the mic. (The more things change, the more they stay the same.) The TV commercial for the game offers a taste of what it was like to watch…

It goes without saying that this is a significant advancement in the history of modern derby. Internet streaming of games is one thing, but when you have a real sports network with professional production quality broadcasting to a potential audiences of millions of people, it’s a game changer. There’s no word if ROOT Sports will televise more Rat City games going forward, but considering the growth of derby, widespread television coverage of games is going to come sooner rather than later.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if video of this game will be made available: This being a television broadcast copyrighted by a major satellite TV company (DirecTV, owner of the ROOT Sports RSNs) don’t expect there to be any (legal) video of the broadcast available online from the usual sources. The best we can hope for is a highlights package. Too bad.

WFTDA Adds Eight New Member Leagues – Congratulations to the newest members of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association:

The new additions mean there are now 117 sanctioned WFTDA leagues, with 113 of those in the United States. After graduating from the WFTDA Apprentice program, there are now 57 additional leagues (52 in the U.S.) working to make it to full sanctioned status.

Upcoming Events and Top-25 Action

As always, June is the busiest month of the year as teams look to improve or solidify their WFTDA regional rankings for tournament season. A lot of heavyweights will be facing each other in the coming weeks, and East Coast Extravaganza will have the bulk of Top-25 action. There will also be a no-minors beta test game between ranked teams (four in total this month), which is noted in the schedule below.

June is also the month for Battle on the Bank, the national banked track roller derby tournament. Last year, BotB and ECE happened on the same weekend. This year, BotB moved up the calendar a few weeks to avoid attention being split between two big derby events. Look out for our Battle on the Bank IV preview this weekend, as well as something special—and useful—for everyone that wants to follow the action in Arizona.

June 4

  • (2) Oly at (1) Rocky Mountain
  • (9) Windy City at (17) Cincinnati
  • Honky Tonk Stomp in Knoxville, TN – Tennessee Roller Derby Championship

June 5

  • (2) Oly at (4) Denver
  • (23) Chicago Outfit at (25) No Coast

June 10-12 Weekend

June 11

  • (3) Gotham at (19) Boston

June 12

  • (3) Gotham vs (18) Montreal (at Boston)

June 18

  • (13) Detroit at (17) Cincinnati
  • (6) Bay Area at (11) Charm City

June 24-26 Weekend

  • East Coast Extravaganza in Philidelphia, PA featuring:
    • (3) Gotham
    • (5) Rose City
    • (8) Windy City
    • (7) Philly
    • (11) Charm City
    • (16) Steel City
    • (18) Montreal
    • (19) Boston
    • (20) Dutchland

June 24

  • (3) Gotham vs (5) Rose City (ECE)

June 25

  • (12) Kansas City at (2) Oly
  • (5) Rose City vs (7) Philly (ECE)
  • (9) Windy City vs (11) Charm City (ECE) – No Minors Beta Test Game
  • (19) Boston vs (20) Dutchland (ECE)

June 26

  • (3) Gotham at (7) Philly (ECE)
  • (12) Kansas City at (8) Rat City
  • (9) Windy City vs (18) Montreal (ECE)

The Rankings

Note about rankings: Numbers in parenthesis indicate the WFTDA regional ranking (E1) or DNN Top-25 ranking (3) for that team. For the WFTDA regional rankings, a team not ranked in the DNN Top-25 is marked as (NR). Unofficial DNN Power Rankings are updated monthly, and official WFTDA Rankings are updated quarterly.

DNN Power Rankings Top Ten – June 2011
  1. Rocky Mountain (W1)
  2. Oly (W2)
  3. Gotham (E1)
  4. Denver (W3)
  5. Rose City (W5)
  6. Bay Area (W4)
  7. Philly (E2)
  8. Rat City (W6)
  9. Windy City (N1)
  10. Texas (S2)

WFTDA West – Q1 2011
37 sanctioned leagues | 23 regionally ranked teams | 6 DNN Top-25 Teams

West Region Top 5:

  1. Rocky Mountain (1)
  2. Oly (2)
  3. Denver (4)
  4. Bay Area (6)
  5. Rose City (5)

WFTDA North Central – Q1 2011
29 sanctioned leagues | 21 regionally ranked teams | 7 DNN Top-25 Teams

North Central Region Top 5:

  1. Windy City (9)
  2. Minnesota (14)
  3. Detroit (13)
  4. Madison (24)
  5. Cincinnati (17)

WFTDA South Central – Q1 2011
26 sanctioned leagues | 24 regionally ranked teams | 3 DNN Top-25 Teams

South Central Region Top 5:

  1. Kansas City (12)
  2. Texas (11)
  3. Nashville (NR)
  4. Houston (NR)
  5. Atlanta (NR)

WFTDA East – Q1 2011
28 sanctioned leagues | 19 regionally ranked teams | 9 DNN Top-25 Teams

East Region Top 5:

  1. Gotham (3)
  2. Philly (7)
  3. Charm City (11)
  4. Boston (19)
  5. Montreal (18)

For full WFTDA regional rankings for all four regions, go to the WFTDA Rankings page.
For DNN’s full national Top-25 rankings, go to the DNN Power Rankings page.

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