Battle on the Bank Brackets

Battle on the Bank IV starts next Friday, June 12, in Phoenix, Ariz. Fourteen games will be played amongst nine teams over three days to declare one banked track roller derby champion. With so much action to take in, you may lose your way in trying to follow it. How are you going to make sense of everything during the weekend? With this, of course:

WRDN’s printable BotB IV brackets are ready to serve you.

Hot off the presses, our printable Battle on the Bank IV Bracket will help you keep track of the action, with the full schedule, game match-ups, and places to pencil in scores and advancing teams throughout the course of the tournament. If you’re headed to Phoenix, it’s an essential tool that you can’t be without. The same goes if you plan on staying at home and watching the action live on DNN. How are you going to know who is going to play who and when without it?

Alas, an empty bracket is no good without game results and scores to populate it with. What if you’re one of those Bracketology nutcases who needs to predict the outcome of every game and score ahead of time? Don’t worry—we’ve also got you covered with our Battle on the Bank Prediction Bracket. This interactive bracket will let you pick which teams you think will wind up where and let you enter scores for each game. Once you fill it out and are certain you’ve got it right, you can print it out and refer to it during tournament weekend. Share it with your friends to mock them for how wrong they are!

For best results, download both brackets. Fill out and print a prediction bracket now, and then print the regular bracket so you can fill it out as the action happens during the weekend. That way, you can find out with stunning accuracy how bad you are at predicting the outcome of sporting events! If you need some help picking the winners, be sure to check out our comprehensive Battle on the Bank IV preview to learn up on the teams vying for the title. Just be sure to remember: Bracketology is an exhibition, not a competition…please, no wagering!

Download the Battle on the Bank IV Bracket

  • Print it out and use it to track the action!
  • Refer to a match-up for game time and info
    • Game times shown in Mountain Daylight Time
  • Pencil in game scores in the grey boxes
  • Use cues to place teams in their next games
  • Compare the finished bracket to your predictions!

Download the Battle on the Bank Prediction Bracket

  • Predict how the tournament will go!
  • Use the menu boxes to select teams
  • Type in the grey boxes to enter scores, and remember:
    • Games 1-12 are 30 minutes long
    • Games 13/14 are 60 minutes long
  • Enter your name to claim the bracket as your own
  • Print out the Prediction Bracket when complete
  • Refer to it and brag about your predictions!

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  2. This is awesome.. Thank you so much for putting this together.


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