Derby Notes: August 2011

The Rankings

WFTDA has released the all-important 2nd quarter team rankings. The top ten teams from each of the four WFTDA regions–40 in total–will be invited to their respective WFTDA regional tournaments. Those outside the top ten still have a small chance at playoff derby this year, but only if one of the teams receiving an invitation decides to decline it. In that case, the next-highest ranked team from within that region gets an invite.

Of note, the London Rollergirls have put on a good enough showing (…or did they?) to be ranked #10 in the East region, thereby punching their ticket to the East Regional later this year. Should London accept their invitation, it will mark the second international participant into the Championships, or the first if you consider Canada the 51st state. Which we all do, really.

Note about rankings: Numbers in parenthesis indicate the WFTDA regional ranking (N1) or DNN Top-25 ranking (10) for that team. For WFTDA regional rankings, a team not ranked in the DNN Top-25 is marked as (NR).

DNN Power Rankings Top Ten – August 2011

  1. Oly (W1)
  2. Gotham (E1)
  3. Rocky Mountain (W2)
  4. Denver (W3)
  5. Rose City (W4)
  6. Bay Area (W5)
  7. Philly (E2)
  8. Kansas City (S1)
  9. Rat City (W6)
  10. Windy City (N1)

WFTDA West – Q2 2011
34 sanctioned leagues (+2 from Q1)
26 regionally ranked teams (+3 from Q1)
6 DNN Top-25 Teams (unchanged from July)

West Region Top 5:

  1. Oly (1)
  2. Rocky Mountain (3)
  3. Denver (4)
  4. Rose City (5)
  5. Bay Area (6)

Also qualifying for West region playoffs:
Rat City, Sacred City, Jet City, Tuscon, Angel City

WFTDA North Central – Q2 2011
28 sanctioned leagues (+2 from Q1)
25 regionally ranked teams (+4 from Q1)
5 DNN Top-25 Teams (-1 from July)

North Central Region Top 5:

  1. Windy City (10)
  2. Detroit (13)
  3. Minnesota (16)
  4. Naptown (17)
  5. Cincinnati (18)

Also qualifying for the North Central region playoffs:
Madison, Brewcity, Arch Rival, Chicago Outfit, Ohio

WFTDA South Central – Q2 2011
27 sanctioned leagues (+1 from Q1)
26 regionally ranked teams (+2 from Q1)
5 DNN Top-25 Teams (+1 from July)

South Central Region Top 5:

  1. Kansas City (8)
  2. Texas (11)
  3. Nashville (25)
  4. Atlanta (NR)
  5. Houston (22)

Also qualifying for South Central region playoffs:
Tampa Bay, No Coast, Green Country, Gold Coast, Omaha

WFTDA East – Q2 2011
28 sanctioned leagues (+2 from Q1)
25 regionally ranked teams (+6 from Q1)
9 DNN Top-25 Teams (unchanged from July)

East Region Top 5:

  1. Gotham (2)
  2. Philly (7)
  3. Charm City (12)
  4. Steel City (15)
  5. Montreal (14)

Also qualifying for East region playoffs:
Boston, Carolina, Dutchland, Maine, London

MRDA National Rankings – Mid-Season 2011
14 sanctioned leagues
11 ranked teams

  1. St. Louis
  2. New York
  3. Magic City
  4. Puget Sound
  5. Pioneer Valley
  6. Dallas
  7. Twin Cities
  8. Harm City
  9. Connecticut
  10. Race City
  11. Central Mass

Unofficial DNN national Power Rankings are updated monthly, official WFTDA regional rankings are updated quarterly, and official MRDA national rankings will be next updated in September. For full WFTDA regional rankings for all four regions, go to the WFTDA Rankings page. For DNN’s full national Top-25 rankings, go to the DNN Power Rankings page.

News at a Glance

“The Big 5” Tournament Season Details Revealed – With the Q2 rankings revealing the 40 teams headed to the WFTDA playoffs, it only makes sense for WFTDA to reveal the details for “The Big 5,” the four regional tournaments and one championship tournament that will comprise the playoffs later this year.

The schedule and official names of the events are as follows:

  • East Region Playoffs: Nightmare on 95 in Baltimore, Md.
    • September 16-18
    • Co-Hosted by Charm City and the D.C. Rollergirls
  • West Region Playoffs: Bridgetown Brawl in Portland, Ore.
    • September 23-25
    • Hosted by Rose City
  • South Central Region Playoffs: Show Me Der-B-Q in Kansas City, Mo.
    • September 30-October 2
    • Hosted by Kansas City
  • North Central Region Playoffs: Monumental Mayhem in Indianapolis, Ind.
    • October 7-9
    • Hosted by Naptown
  • WFTDA Championships: Continental Divide and Conquer in Broomfield, Colo.
    • November 11-13
    • Hosted by Denver

Tickets for all five events are now on sale, and are available via each tournament’s website, as linked to above.

WFTDA Adds 15 New Apprentice Leagues – Welcome to the 15 new padawan leagues from around the world to WFTDA’s apprentice league program. Eight from the States and seven from outside our borders comprise the new class of up-and-comers, bringing the total amount of apprentice leagues up to 72. The newbies are:

United States

  • Assault City Roller Derby – Syracuse, N.Y.
  • Augusta Roller Derby – Augusta, Ga.
  • McLean County MissFits – Danvers, Ill.
  • Monterey Bay Derby Dames – Monterey, Calif.
  • Portneuf Valley Bruisers – Pocatello, Id.
  • Quad City Rollers – Bettendorf, Ia.
  • Richland County Regulators – Columbia, S.C.
  • South Bend Roller Girls – South Bend, Ind.


  • Greater Toronto Area Rollergirls – Toronto, Canada
  • Central City Rollergirls – Birmingham, U.K.
  • Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls – Lincolnshire, U.K.
  • Royal Windsor Roller Girls – Windsor, Berkshire, U.K.
  • Glasgow Roller Girls – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Crime City Rollers – Malmö, Sweden
  • Helsinki Roller Derby – Helsinki, Finland

WFTDA will next add new apprentice leagues into the fold this November.

Upcoming Events and Top-25 Action

After last month’s dip in scheduling, this month is going to be crazy-busy as teams look to tune up for playoff season. I count 27 games featuring teams ranked in the DNN top 25, including a big clash between (2) Gotham and (4) Denver on August 13. That same weekend, Bay Area and Rose City will be holding round-robin tournaments featuring some big names from around the country. I hope you’re not doing anything the weekend of August 12-14.


August 6

  • (13) Detroit at (4) Denver
  • (16) Minnesota at (7) Philly
  • (18) Cincinnati at No Coast
  • Santa Cruz at (20) Tampa Bay

August 7

  •  (13) Detroit at (3) Rocky Mountain

Weekend of August 12-14

August 12

  • (3) Rocky Mountain at (23) London – WRDN Game of the Month
  • (21) Boston at (5) Rose City
  • (10) Windy City at (6) Bay Area
  • (11) Texas vs (13) Detroit (at Bay Area)

August 13

  • (4) Denver at (2) Gotham
  • (11) Texas at (6) Bay Area
  • (24) Arch Rival at (8) Kansas City
  • (9) Rat City vs (21) Boston (at Rose City)
  • (10) Windy City vs (13) Detroit (at Bay Area)
  • (14) Montreal at Providence
  • (19) Carolina vs (25) Nashville

August 14

  • (13) Detroit at (6) Bay Area
  • (10) Windy City vs (11) Texas (at Bay Area)
  • (14) Montreal at Connecticut
  • (19) Carolina vs Memphis (at Nashville)
  • (21) Boston vs Providence (at Rose City)

August 20

  • Madison at (12) Charm City
  • (18) Cincinnati at (15) Steel City
  • (19) Carolina vs Madison (at Charm City)
  • (25) Nashville vs Arizona (at Memphis)

August 27

  • Emerald City at (1) Oly
  • [TBA] at (7) Philly


August 13

  • (8) Harm City at (2) New York (at Gotham)

Game schedule courtesy of the bouts page at Derby News Network.

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