Derby Notes: September 2011

News at a Glance

Seven New Leagues Gain WFTDA Sanctioning — And the hits just keep on coming: With these new leagues, the WFTDA can now boast that they have 124 sanctioned leagues. Here are the latest crop of em’, including the WFTDA regions they will land in:

Notably, Auld Reekie’s entry into the WFTDA proper gives the organization a second league across the Atlantic, making it easier for Auld Reekie and London to meet their two-game-per-quarter minimum for WFTDA eligibility; they can just play each other over and over again until more leagues in Europe graduate from the WFTDA Apprentice Program. Once that happens, European leagues will eventually spin-off into the previously-announced WFTDA Europe region.

MRDA Adds Two More Leagues — Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, the Men’s Roller Derby Association has added two more member leagues to their tally:

This brings the total number of fully-sanctioned MRDA leagues to 14. Don’t forget that MRDA will release updated rankings by the end of this month, and the top six teams on that list will qualify for the MRDA Championships to be held in October.

Upcoming Events and Top-25 Action

Single games between those in the WFTDA top 25 are sparse this month…but that’s because it’s tournament season, baby!  The top 10 teams from each region as ranked by WFTDA members will be headed for their respective regional playoff tournaments, starting this month.

However, three of the top four regional seeds are taking advantage of the weekend before the post-season begins by playing in tune-up games. In what may be a championships weekend preview, Kansas City (#1 in the South Central) and Windy City (#1 in the North Central) will duke it for the unofficial title of the #1 Central team in the country. Meanwhile, Cincinnati will try their luck in the pacific northwest against the western powerhouses.

WRDN will have full previews of all four regional WFTDA tournament during the week leading up to each event.


September 9

  • (18) Cincinnati at (8) Rat City

September 10

  •  (17) Naptown at Nashville
  • (7) Kansas City at (9) Windy City

September 11

  •  (18) Cincinnati at (1) Oly

Weekend of September 16-18

  •  WFTDA East Region Playoffs – Nightmare on 95

Weekend of September 23-25

  •  WFTDA West Region Playoffs – Bridgetown Brawl


September 11

  • (11) Central Mass at (8) Harm City

September 17

  • Quadfathers at (5) Pioneer Valley

September 18

  • Cowtown at Sioux City

Game schedule (mostly) courtesy of the bouts page at Derby News Network.

The Rankings

Note about rankings: Numbers in parenthesis indicate the WFTDA regional ranking (W4) or DNN Top-25 ranking (5) for that team. For WFTDA regional rankings, a team not ranked in the DNN Top-25 is marked as (NR).

DNN Power Rankings Top Ten – September 2011

  1. Oly (W1)
  2. Gotham (E1)
  3. Rocky Mountain (W2)
  4. Denver (W3)
  5. Rose City (W4)
  6. Bay Area (W5)
  7. Kansas City (S1)
  8. Rat City (W6)
  9. Windy City (N1)
  10. Texas (S2)
WFTDA West – Q2 2011

35 sanctioned leagues (+1 from August)
26 regionally ranked teams (+3 from Q1)
6 DNN Top-25 Teams (unchanged from August)

West Region Top 5:

  1. Oly (1)
  2. Rocky Mountain (3)
  3. Denver (4)
  4. Rose City (5)
  5. Bay Area (6)
WFTDA North Central – Q2 2011

28 sanctioned leagues (Unchanged from August)
25 regionally ranked teams (+4 from Q1)
7 DNN Top-25 Teams (+2 from August)

North Central Region Top 5:

  1. Windy City (9)
  2. Detroit (13)
  3. Minnesota (16)
  4. Naptown (17)
  5. Cincinnati (18)
WFTDA South Central – Q2 2011

29 sanctioned leagues (+2 from August)
26 regionally ranked teams (+2 from Q1)
4 DNN Top-25 Teams (-1 from August)

South Central Region Top 5:

  1. Kansas City (7)
  2. Texas (10)
  3. Nashville (19)
  4. Atlanta (NR)
  5. Houston (NR)
WFTDA East – Q2 2011

32 sanctioned leagues (+4 from August)
25 regionally ranked teams (+6 from Q1)
8 DNN Top-25 Teams (-1 from August)

East Region Top 5:

  1. Gotham (2)
  2. Philly (11)
  3. Charm City (12)
  4. Steel City (15)
  5. Montreal (14)
MRDA National Rankings – Mid-Season 2011

16 sanctioned leagues (+2 from August)
11 ranked teams

National Top 10:

  1. St. Louis
  2. New York
  3. Magic City
  4. Puget Sound
  5. Pioneer Valley
  6. Dallas
  7. Twin Cities
  8. Harm City
  9. Connecticut
  10. Race City

Unofficial DNN national Power Rankings are updated monthly, official WFTDA regional rankings are updated quarterly, and official MRDA national rankings will be next updated later this month. For full WFTDA regional rankings for all four regions, go to the WFTDA Rankings page. For DNN’s full national Top-25 rankings, go to the DNN Power Rankings page.

One response to this post.

  1. Unfortunately, Central Mass dropped out of their game against Harm City with not a lot of notice (somewhat similar to the way Central Mass dropped out of Spring Roll 2011 with not a lot of notice), so Harm City is playing a co-ed, non-MRDA game against a mix-up of MRDA and WFTDA skaters playing as the East Coast Irregulars.


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