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An Introduction to WRDN

WindyMan’s Roller Derby Notes is not your typical roller derby blog.

The Internet has hundreds of derby blogs where have skaters share stories about what they did at practice, lessons learned about skating, and photos of who won at the afterparty.

But I’ve yet to see one that looks at derby from the critical eye of a genuine sports nut. If roller derby wants to consider itself a real sport, it’s going to need real fans of the sport—not just fans of “derby.”

That’s where I come in.

With this blog, I intend to inject insight on roller derby from the perspective of mainstream sports. A lot of roller derby folk only know roller derby, but not so much about sports.

From experience in other fields, I can say that it’s very difficult to understand something if you can only see it from the inside. Unless you have an outside perspective on something, you’ll have a hard time finding your own shortcomings. Constructive criticism is very important in the growth of anything, let alone a sport trying to redefine itself in modern times.

Fair warning: The articles on this blog are generally much longer than in most any derby blog you’ve seen before. If reading is hard for you, or your attention span has prevented you from getting this far down the page, you may not like many of the things I write.

But if you take the time to digest what I’ve got to say—and read the many comments that come in the discussion after— you’re going to see the game from a new perspective. That’s all I want to accomplish.

What happens with that new-found perspective is up to you.

About WindyMan

WindyMan is not my name, it’s who I am.

My name is Steven Rodriguez and I’m a sports fan, writer, graphic artist, photographer, video game enthusiast, and jack-of-all-trades. I’ve lived in the greater Los Angeles area my entire life.

I previously spent 10 years covering the video game industry, the last two of which sitting in the directors chair at Nintendo World Report, the leading Nintendo enthusiast news and information website on the Internet.

I’m also a skater. I’ve been skating recreationally–on quads and inlines–for the better part of 20 years, but I’ve only recently jumped into organized roller derby. I’m affilated with the Sugartown Rollergirls, a banked track league based in Oxnard, CA. I had been a skater (not a coach or referee), but a chronic medical condition has put me out of action indefinitely.

I’m also a Los Angeles Derby Dolls season ticket holder and occasional volunteer for those weekends when I need to see derby live and in person at the Doll Factory, which is pretty much every single friggin’ weekend possible. I also pop down to San Diego for banked track games whenever I can.

With us being spoiled in the L.A. area, having five banked tracks within driving distance of each other, I tend to prefer derby in its natural habitat on the banked track. However, I love roller derby, period, and for that reason I also like flat track derby. I believe good roller derby stems from good skaters, and that’s true regardless of the angle of the surface.

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