Introducing the All-New

Hello! If you’ve been long-time reader of WindyMan’s Roller Derby Notes, I would like to thank you for your support. The time has come to make a few upgrades and bring the Derby Notes philosophy to the next level.

I am pleased to introduce!


There has been a noticeable lack of posts to the blog this year, and this is the reason why. Much time and many resources have been diverted into tinkering with a new website and the creation of new content for that website. The roller derby analysis and commentary that made a mark on the community is back in full force on, as well as a new emphasis on news and features.

Please head on over to the introduction page on the new site right away, update your bookmarks and RSS readers, and if you’d prefer, re-subscribe to receive email updates of new posts. (Be warned: There will be many more of them!) Just about all the content from WRDN has been transferred over to RDN as well as some commentary and analysis pieces that were held over for the new website. Please check them out!

This blog, WindyMan’s Roller Derby Notes, will remain up and available for the indefinite future, but no new posts will be made to it. At some point in the near future, all articles here will be updated and re-linked where possible to direct everyone to the new site. The site’s Facebook (/DerbyNotes) and Twitter (@derbynotes) handles have also changed, so please be aware of that if you’d like to keep following along.

I suppose this is sort of a goodbye, even if we’re saying hello again just a block or two away. Or maybe it’s just getting rid of that awful linoleum tile in the kitchen and replacing it with some spiffy new hardwood flooring. The old stuff served its purpose, but it had outlived its usefulness.

Anyways. Get going to and check out our new articles, and tell your friends we’re on the move. Thanks again!

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by lyxar on 2 December 2014 at 10:46 pm

    unfortunally, the one thing i cannot do on the new site, is commenting without an account.


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